Wooden Basins/Sinks

All our wooden sinks are handmade in southern Estonia. They bring beauty, uniqueness and elegance to every bathroom.
The basins / sinks you will see here represent only part of our offering. If you need modifications to a standard piece to make it perfect for your home – or you have a vision of something entirely new – we invite you to talk to us: we will work with you to make sure you get exactly the look, feel and function you had in mind.

We can offer you two standard size wooden sinks:
1. Standard wooden basin ´Smaller Magic´ measurements: 400 (width) x 600 (length) x 100mm (height)
2. Standard wooden basin ´Larger Magic´ measurements: 500 (width) x 800 (length) x 100mm (height)


All our basins:

+ are mostly made of oak or ash tree, but we can offer you other materials as well, like mahogany, teak and ebony.
+ come with a drain which is compatible with standard basin traps.
+ are finished with polyurethane polish and the wood is laminated using high-quality D4 polyurethane glue
+ come with a warranty of 2 years
+ come without countertop or basin cabinet but they can be added to the basins for an additional charge
+ come without faucet

icon Installation
Basins installation can be ordered for an additional charge. There are 3 installation possibilities:

1) On top of the cabinet

2) On a countertop

3) wall-mounted

icon Warranty
Basins come with a warranty of 2 years. Warranty does not not extend to following:

1) damages made with sharp objects (broken bottles, forks, knives etc)

2) damages made with using abrasive cleaners

icon Care and maintenance
Wooden basins do not need special care. You can clean them with ordinary non-abrasive furniture cleaners but avoid cleaners which contain solvents.